Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a study designed to collect information to prove a medication or device is safe and effective. When a pharmaceutical company has a new investigational medication or one already approved but prescribed for a new condition or dosage, clinical research is used as an investigational method.

Clinical research is conducted nationwide and requires a special commitment and reputation in the medical field. Medical centers who conduct clinical research employ highly skilled physicians with first-rate status and medical proficiency. Physicians are accompanied by a study coordinator who is responsible for conducting the study under the physician’s supervision. Together, they form the research team and provide details about your medical condition and the various treatment options.

Participation is voluntary and you will receive a document, informed consent form, which will explain your rights as a patient participant. A copy of this consent will be given to you to take home and read. If you decide not to participate, you will not be penalized in any way nor will your standard of care be affected. It is important to understand that participation is voluntary.

Your physician may ask if you are interested in participating in a study and the reasons for suggesting this may vary. Sometimes conventional treatments may not be appropriate for your condition or your physician feels your participation in the study can provide a more thorough report required by the study. Regardless of the reasons, you should discuss why he/she has asked you to consider participating in a study. Other reasons why your physician has requested your participation may also exist.

To find out more about our studies or becoming a participant, you can submit your medical information on our website (privacy will be maintained) or call for more information.

If you decide to participant in a study, your physician will provide information about the study and introduce you to the study coordinator. As explained above, the study coordinator is responsible for conducting the study under your physician’s supervision. In order to fully understand clinical research and assist our patients in making educated decisions about study participation, our website provides FAQ, patient education, contact information and other information related to CCR.