About Us

The Story of CCR

The story of Consultants for Clinical Research begins in 1981 with Dr. Michael Safdi securing his first study with the help of a lone study coordinator. This was not an easy feat as most trials were being done exclusively at large Institutions and private practice physicians involved in clinical trials were rare. His primary interest at that time was Inflammatory Bowel Disease as the practice had many patients who were intolerant or non-responders to conventional treatments. He and the practice wanted the ability to provide new therapies for their patients. It soon became evident that utilization of the private practice physician in clinical research not only helped the Pharmaceutical companies meet their enrollment goals in a timely manner but the quality of the data as well as the cost associated with managing the study could be dramatically reduced.

As the years passed and more studies were added so was staff. Today CCR has grown to include multiple sites with a group of researchers who are well known and respected throughout industry. The best benefit derived from our research endeavors is the quality of care and access to new and better therapies we have afforded our patients.

CCR is committed to excellence in the clinical trial process and constantly striving to produce the highest quality data while maintaining the high ethical and professional standards for our patients and the industry.